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Deep Liquid Ink Aftercare Sheet

@deepliquidink              252 751 6529              Aftercare Instructions

⦁    Remove the bandage after one hour Do not re-bandage. (unless you work in an environment where you would need to)
⦁    Wash Tattoo with antibacterial soap and water. Keep the tattoo clean from here on out. Do not use a washcloth. Wash with hands. Pat the tattoo dry with a clean paper towel only. 
⦁    Apply a light coat of Aquaphor for first three days, morning and night. After the first three days, apply a light coat of fragrance free lotion for a month or more. Until your skin is back to normal. 
⦁    The more air you can get to the tattoo the better. No tight fitting clothes. No Sun, No Pools , No Chemicals, No Ocean. 
⦁    Do not pick at the tattoo while it is healing. It will scab up. Do not mess with or tear the scab. Let it heal naturally. It will itch. Slap at the itch, do not pick at it. 
⦁    Only use the products recommended by me for the tattoo. I do not guarantee my work unless you follow specific aftercare instructions. All aftercare products can be found at Walgreens. 
⦁    Use clean bedsheets. Bacteria breeds on bedsheets and can give you an infection if the bedsheets aren't clean. Make sure they aren't your good bedsheets though, as tattoos will leave ink and stain your sheets. Try not to let the tattoo stick to the bedsheets.Do not let your animals sleep in the bed as they carry bacteria and will cause an infection. Do not let them lick the tattoo either as that can cause infection. Do not pet your animal until the tattoo has peeled and is in the second stage of healing. If your pets get on the couch then you can not put the tattoo on the couch and you need to sanitize the couch as you can get an infection from that as well. 
1. If your tattoo looks infected go to urgent care immediately. Do not wait. An infection is identified by a tattoo that is oozing yellow puss, or has an abnormally giant bright red ring around it. Possibly both. Yes you can die from an infection if you don't see a doctor. 
2.If it looks like an allergic reaction, then go to urgent care immediately. Do not wait.  An allergic reaction will have a rash. Some people are allergic to color inks. The best method is prevention. Meaning I will have to test the ink on your skin before we actually tattoo the ink into your skin. 
⦁    If you have any questions or concerns I am reached best through email as I may be working or not at the shop to answer the phone:

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